Literature Review in Dissertation Literally Needs Patience

Dissertation is a tough task and hence it needs patience and perseverance to sail through with flying colours. And putting the literature review in it needs further patience. In this case, the first thing you need to ensure is that your readers are hooked to your review due to its different and interesting writing.

No matter how many books you have read related to the subject of your dissertation, but then, it is necessary for you to present your literature review in your dissertation smartly for readers to understand.

With the writing of literature review, it becomes important to show your reader that you do have a good hold on your subject. You have a chance to prove this fact that you have a good understanding of the different books and sources of information.

You should remember the fact that your literature review is not just a list of what you have read, but is a summary of each of the sources you have referred to. Hence, you can either include the literature review as the dissertation’s part or else you can place it in the synopsis or research proposal.

The structure of the review

How you want to shape your literature review depends basically on the research area of your dissertation. You need to remember the basic fact that you are comparing the different writers and their writings on certain topics. And hence you should make it a point to maintain rhythm and flow of writing. Try to avoid describing what one writer has written after describing about the another writer separately.

The structure of your literature review should be based on various questions to make sure that there are different angles to your review. Remember using linking words such as however, in addition, similarly, etc. while writing your literature review as it would manage the continuity in your review.

Writing the review

You are the best judge to decide what you must read. Hence, in case of a thesis or a dissertation, it is up to you to decide what to read and what not to read. You should also add a clear line of argument to your literature review to give it a different and interesting point.

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Publishing in Low Impact Journals

When you decide to publish your findings in a low impact journal for reasons of fast publishing or open access option it can undermine how readers and reviewers evaluate your findings. Impact factors” are important to some, especially to some funding agencies, but the importance is exaggerated. The impact factor is not necessarily a measure of a good a journal.

What matters is the content and vitality of the result. I assure you that there are more active researchers who stopped sending their results not only to high impact factor journals but completely abandoned the notion of journals because of their behaviors, treating scientists as naive in their fields and like sales person of their works. Some of the high impact factor journals make the entire process so tiresome and difficult for researchers that they prefer other journals. In some cases it has been found that the final published copy is almost entirely different from the original manuscript just because the journal didn’t find it as per their norms.

In developing countries, sometimes top ranked journals are not cited by the researchers, but lower ranked journal’s articles are more preferred as they are easily available. Open access articles are always getting more citations because of their reach to the researchers.

A good research will always get recognition irrespective of the journal it has been published with. The real value of the article is in its content not in where it appears. Open access journal is a good media to propagate your message to the largest numbers of your peers.

The most important thing should be to publish good research, first and foremost, and not concentrate on where it is published. Except that you should publish where you know that the right people will find it. Publishing mediocre papers just to get a long list of papers in ones CV is a waste of one’s talents. Writing only a few papers that actually provide answers to important problems must in the long run be more important and better than to publish a lot of mediocre work. Good findings are good findings, regardless where they are published. Thus, publishing in low impact journals does not affect the quality of research findings.

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How Editing of a Custom Dissertation Is Done?

A custom dissertation assembles all the detailed requirements that are provided, demanded and expected from a dissertation. It can vary among vast variety of subjects like history, science, social science and even management. The most fundamental point lies in the uniqueness of the dissertation content that contains all the specifications and is distinctive at the same time. But, it becomes difficult for fresh scholars to write a critical piece of work and furnish it with all the demands of the enrolled university. Also, a well written dissertation, but that is devoid of editing sense nothing after submission, thus editing becomes an even more important part. If you are skilled enough in editing, then the task goes on without any glitches, but on the twisting trail it becomes difficult. Hence, a professional writer and editor have to be rolled out here. So, let’s comprehend on how a custom dissertation is amended –

  • Editing of a custom dissertation includes step by step revision of the entire content along with the university guideline and synopsis passed. It starts from scratch and each and every probable point of mistakes is doled out. From the contents of the cover page till the conclusion all the contents are first analyzed for their proper alliance along with the prescribed format and dissertation topic simultaneously. The contents are also checked for removal of mess ups and flowery language and they are edited into the subjective and concerned knowledge base.
  • Secondly grammatical flow, word usage, sentence formation and punctuation’s are checked.
  • Word, line and paragraph alignments, font size and spacing are then overviewed along with the chapter’s arrangement and page numbers.
  • Also, plagiarized contents are removed in order to make it unique and exclusive which can make your custom dissertation different from others.

Thus, editing of a custom dissertation cover ups all around editing to make the content of the dissertation completely satisfactory and good enough for submission.

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Writing A Literature Review For Your Dissertation

The main idea behind writing a literature review is to show your reader that you have read and have a good understanding of the different books and sources of information. You could include the literature review either as a part of the dissertation and also in the synopsis or research proposal. It is important to remember that your literature review is not just a listing of what you have read, but summaries of each of the sources you have referred to.

The structure of the review

The overall structure of your literature review will depend on the research area of your dissertation. What you would need to do is to compare the different writers and their writings on certain topics. What you must not do is to describe what one writer has written and then go on to describe another writer separately. The structure of your literature review should be dictated instead by the various questions to which there are different approaches. It is also important to remember to use linking words such as however, in addition, similarly, etc. while writing your literature review.

Writing the review

You would first need to decide what you must read. In certain cases, your professor would give you a reading list of the books that you have to go through. In case of a thesis or a dissertation, it will be up to you to decide what to read and what not to read. Furthermore, you would need to add a clear line of argument to your literature review. You would, therefore, need to include critical comments and notes along with your literature review. You would also need to include a line on the possible outcomes of your dissertation along with evidence pointing to the links between the variegated materials that you have referred to. 

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Dissertation Rewriting Service

Writing a great dissertation is not everyone’s cup of tea. But most of us want it to be utmost perfect. Sometimes, it happens that our work is that bad that it is not acceptable at all. In such case, we want some help related to rewriting. We at, dissertation service uk provide one of the best dissertation rewriting service.

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Below are few points that will help you to order our dissertation rewriting services.

1. You just need to fill out the order form. While filling the form you will be required to provide specific information in your order form. This includes the number of pages, deadline of work etc.

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3. Notification through E-mail: If our rewriting expert has any questions, they will ask you via our messaging system. Once your order is completed, you will be receiving an email with a link to download it.

4. Revision policy: We also have a revision policy for your satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with our document, we will gladly revise it for you based on your suggestions.


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Choose Research Projects Based on the Time frame

One of the problems that many students have with their project is deciding whether their project can be completed with a certain timeframe or not.

Some students are very ambitious. They want to complete a very complicated project that would impress their professors and make them the envy of their peers. They spend their time reading through the literature on hand wondering what the most difficult kind of research that they can undertake is. But in their mad rush towards glory they forget to examine if they have the time for the project or not.

The research might require them to conduct plenty of surveys or take complicated polls that involve interviewing a lot of people. They might have to spend endless hours in the field and not only collect a lot of data, but also spend their time thinking about how much of that data is important and how much of it is not. But all this requires a lot of time, and in some cases the university might only allow the students a limited time period in which to collect their project.

Once the students get started on their difficult project, they find that they do not have the time to complete it. They are rushed for time and as the deadline date looms near they find that there is much work to be completed and they are nowhere close to finishing their assignment. They end up losing marks and failing their assignment.

In order to avoid such problems the students should take up research that can be completed within the given timeframe. If the university board has not given them enough time then they should just take up an assignment that can be completed quickly and for which the literature is readily available, and for which extensive field research is not required.

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Importance of time in Research Studies

Time or research duration plays a very important role in any research studies and should be seriously considered. While some studies can be finished within the time period, some studies might get extended resulting in failure of the study. The results obtained from studies which if done over an extended period may vary with actual market position or in some times have no importance. Research studies can be of two types: cross-sectional and longitudinal studies. While cross sectional studies are conducted at a single point of time longitudinal studies are conducted over a period of time. The best appropriate results after the time frame may not be useful for critical studies in the field of medicine of disaster management studies for example.


Extended duration of studies increases the costs of the study thereby increasing the burden on all the participants in the research. And especially students who are preparing a thesis or a dissertation, time plays a major role in their studies. Students have to stick to their deadlines to finish the study or the research project. Failure to complete the project on time can lead to rejection of the thesis or the dissertation. Failure to stick to deadline at any stage of the research like data collection, questionnaire preparation or final analysis, presentation etc can lead to stretching the deadlines thereby increasing pressure on students.

Quality of the report or study also depends on the time taken for the study. Pilot studies require very less time whereas final study requires a lot of time. A study can be perfect only when the deadlines are followed strictly to produce quality output. Delayed studies can lead to increased budgets, unusual results, time wastage and many other problems.

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How to Obtain External Funding for Research?

1Conducting an extensive research based study on any particular subject or topic involves a lot of effort. While carrying out the study, the researcher is being encountered with several kinds of limitations and constraints, majority of which is the time constraint. However, budget constraint is also another aspect, which may appear time to time, depending on the nature of the study to be conducted by the researcher. Devoid of a funding source, it may sometimes not be possible to continue the study beyond a certain extent, or to ensure the expected quality. In order to continue a study in the smoothest possible manner, a researcher should strive to look for various funding opportunities from several research organizations and academic institutions across the world.

There are several ways, in which a researcher can get hold external funding from various sources, and in order to get those, a number of sequential steps have to be followed. Following are those steps:

  • First, the research agenda of the researcher has to be very clear, and based on the topic of the study, a detailed statement of purpose has to be written, in which the details of the study will be documented in brief.
  • Second, in various research organizations and academic institutions, faculty members and researchers are needed to be located, who share the same research interest as the researcher. The statement of purpose has to be sent to them, and the specific requirement of the funding has to be stated along with that. The researcher must ensure that the interest should not be single sided, as citing some benefits of the organization or institution may also turn things positive.
  • Institutional affiliations are needed to be mentioned along with those documents, so that originality of the need can be verified.

To know more about various modes of obtaining external funding for carrying out a research based study, kindly browse through the pages of

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How to Start a Research

In order to address to the predicaments being faced by the world in the broad areas of business and society, people strive to move into the world of academics and research. This is such a domain, where people try to look into several problems, which are being faced by the world at large, and by means of their knowledge and analytical skills, they try to resolve those issues. However, venturing into the world of research is never an easy task, and it takes a great amount of toil to start moving into this field.

Before starting off with a research based study, one should carry out more than a few checks and validations regarding feasibility of the study to be carried out. First, identification of the problem and defining the same should be concrete in nature. In order to ensure that, researchers across the world believe in a particular thing, “can you define your research in a single sentence?” This determines the clarity of the research objective in the mind of a researcher. Second, it should be ensured that the chosen research objective is worthy enough to be achieved. If someone has already carried out significant amount of work on that topic, then carrying out that work another time will not provide with any significant contribution. Third, before starting off the work, it should be ensured that the work should have sufficient theoretical foundation, so that the basis of the study can be justified before the community of researchers. Fourth, data plays the most important for a study, and therefore, it should be ensured that sufficient data is available for carrying out the research work, as it is not possible to find alternate sources of data after starting off with the work. These are some points to b remembered before starting off a research based study.

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The problem with resit dissertations

There are some unique things that writers and editors need to keep in mind when they are looking over resit dissertations. The first thing is that the dissertation has already been written once, and it has been rejected. That means that there was something incorrect with it, and the editors need to understand what it was. Then they need to look at how to improve the content or change it. They need not necessarily re-write the whole content. They only need to change parts that did not meet with the approval of the university board.

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