5 effective tips to write an academic paper for ESL students


You are professional academic writing in your first language, but when it comes to writing in a second language is probably one of the hardest tasks. This is absolutely natural in ESL writing because writing in a language you are not aware of is more complicated than speaking it! Many a time, concepts like articles, prepositions, grammar, punctuation etc may seem downright impossible. Do not mope if you are one among the ESL students who are struggling with your academic paper writing process. With the help of writers offering dissertation service in UK, we have enlisted a few handy tips to write down the academic paper. Some of them include:

  1. Pay attention to “the” – This is probably one of the most confusing aspects in the English language. Misusing “the” by either using it where it is not required or not using it where it is required, is one of the quickest ways to confuse your readers. Hence you must pay extra attention to the words that come before or after “the”.
  2. Avoid using pronouns – Accuracy and clarity are paramount in academic writing, and the use of pronouns can very easily introduce ambiguity which equals hard work down the drain. Avoiding pronouns will mean repeating the noun, but a little repetition is not as great sin of confusing the reader.
  3. Pay attention to UK & US English words – Words like “behaviour,” “neighbour,” and “labour” ends in “o-u-r”  in UK English and an “o-r” in the US. Also words like, “realise & realize”, “practice & practise,” center & centre” though sounds and mean the same, they have different spellings. UK English ends with ‘se’,’re’, and US English ends with ‘ze’, ‘er’. Take utmost care while implementing such words. If necessary take help from the expert writers offering dissertation help. They will be aware of spellings/rules of UK and US English and can include such words effectively. 
  4. Do not use too many technical words – It is advisable to avoid too many technical words in your dissertation. Include them only wherever necessary. Including technical words (especially  which you are not aware of) just because you want to make your dissertation look more professional is not a good idea.
  5. Write in a clear tone – As an ESL student, you may fall into the trap of thinking that complex words would make you seem smarter. Keep your dissertation as simple as possible. When your guide evaluates your vocabulary, he/she does not look for long words that require a dictionary; instead, he/she would evaluate how you can express the most complex arguments through simple ideas. 

If you are an ESL student and require some more guidance or some assistance in writing your dissertation in native language, take help from the writers delivering dissertation service in UK rather than burning your hands.

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