5 top challenges faced by scholars while crafting a dissertation proposal


Every student in their Masters and PhD level are required to write a dissertation on a topic related to their course. But, before writing it you need to draft a proposal in which you will explain the topic that you intend to examine and write. It is considered as the first step towards writing the final dissertation. Therefore, it should be unique as it sets the stage for your research. However, writing a good proposal for dissertation is not always easy for every student. Here, students can opt for the dissertation proposal writing services UK that will help them to draft a comprehensive proposal putting forward a clear plan for the final project.

The dissertation proposal is an important and comprehensive statement that defines the extent and nature of a student’s research interests or field. It should include and sort the literature, problematic statements, and research questions, methodology, main sources of data collection, and references that you will use when writing your final assignment. But, students often face many challenges while writing proposals. Some of them include:

  • Selecting the right topic

Choosing an interesting and unique topic for a dissertation is very important. Many students get their proposal rejected because they fail to choose an appropriate topic for their research work. Choose the research topic only after you thoroughly inspect the previous research papers. This will give you an idea about the research that was conducted in your field of study and drive ideas out of those researches. 

  • Inability to write methodology section

Just as the right topic is important, right methodology is also important for carrying out your research. A wrong methodology will get your proposal rejected even if you chose a good topic. Hence you will have to take immense care while writing this section. Include the research design and methodology that are used to seek answers for your research question in a clear manner. Also make it a point to  include the strengths and limitations of your study.

  • Unable to present the objectives of the study

According to the writers offering dissertation proposal writing services in UK, students fail to present the aims and objectives clearly and precisely in the research proposal leading to the rejection of the proposal at one shot. The aims & objectives should be presented in a concise and brief manner. 

  • Inability to collect the research material

A large part of your research work will build upon the existing research. Therefore, it is important for you to acquire good research material and the best way to look through academic journal paper in your area of study. But due to lack of time students cannot gather the right research material. And also, the majority of the time, students do not have access to the required resources. But the professionals delivering dissertation proposal writing services in UK have access to the resources and can build your research based on those research materials. 

  • Lack of knowledge about formatting styles

Majority of the Universities demand a specific formatting style. A scholar may be not be aware of the guidelines to be followed while incorporating the specific formatting style. Sounds like you? Fret not! There are expert writers out there who are expertised in MLA, APA, Chicago etc styles and can implement the same in your dissertation proposal.

Writing a dissertation proposal is not an easy task. If you are struggling with your proposal and need some assistance, consider taking help from the writers delivering dissertation proposal writing services in UK

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