Choose Research Projects Based on the Time frame


One of the problems that many students have with their project is deciding whether their project can be completed with a certain timeframe or not.

Some students are very ambitious. They want to complete a very complicated project that would impress their professors and make them the envy of their peers. They spend their time reading through the literature on hand wondering what the most difficult kind of research that they can undertake is. But in their mad rush towards glory they forget to examine if they have the time for the project or not.

The research might require them to conduct plenty of surveys or take complicated polls that involve interviewing a lot of people. They might have to spend endless hours in the field and not only collect a lot of data, but also spend their time thinking about how much of that data is important and how much of it is not. But all this requires a lot of time, and in some cases the university might only allow the students a limited time period in which to collect their project.

Once the students get started on their difficult project, they find that they do not have the time to complete it. They are rushed for time and as the deadline date looms near they find that there is much work to be completed and they are nowhere close to finishing their assignment. They end up losing marks and failing their assignment.

In order to avoid such problems the students should take up research that can be completed within the given timeframe. If the university board has not given them enough time then they should just take up an assignment that can be completed quickly and for which the literature is readily available, and for which extensive field research is not required.

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