How to Manage a Full-time Job and Part-time PhD


Completing a full-time PhD over the course of three to four years is a very painful task, but the difficulty level becomes more intense when it comes to completing a part-time PhD with a full-time job. Many PhD scholars show concern for those who pursue their part-time PhD programmes along with full-time jobs as a part-time PhD is absolutely a lonely experience. You won’t get enough guidance and advice on the topic that you have chosen for. Here are the tips that will help you manage your full-time job and part-time PhD.

Choose an interesting topic

You have to spend around four to five years in your PhD programme. This period will be stressful and painful. Many PhD scholars either give up the programme in mind-way or keep extending the duration unless they get through. Since you have already chosen a part-time PhD programme and doing it with a full-time job, you should choose an interesting topic that will keep you motivated throughout the programme. 

Find the right supervisor

Having a right supervisor is very essential who will review your project and provide you with tips to refine it. Your supervisor’s involvement and appreciation will motivate you. You will be encouraged to delve into your research area. Before you begin your programme, you should find a supervisor who will understand your priorities and your approach or study patterns. Choosing a wrong supervisor will wreak havoc with your project.

Make proper plans

You should make a schedule and follow that strictly to assure yourself and your supervisor that you are on the right track. Make a clear plan of activities including your responsibilities, and decide how much time you should devote to each activity. If you can take a holiday from your workplace, you should take a leave and contribute that day to your studies, family, and friends. This will help you balance between your personal life, professional life, and your part-time PhD programme. 

Don’t hesitate to ask for help

You will have a few colleagues as a small number of PhD scholars do a part-time PhD programme, and you won’t get enough time to collaborate with them, but you should be friendly with them as much as you can. You never know when you can come up a problem during your programme. You will need someone who can help you to deal with the problems. Because all the time supervisors are not able to devote their time on solving your queries, your colleagues will play the most essential role. How will you approach them if you don’t try to connect with them?

Exploit its benefits

You should choose a study area that will benefit to your work. Even though you have chosen a field that is absolutely unrelated to your work, you should find how it’s going to benefit you in your work. Ultimately you are not doing a PhD just for a title. Whatever you learn through your studies, you should apply that in your work. It will help you climbing the ladder of your career. Pursuing something that you are interested in will be gratifying and help you thrive in your career. 

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