How to Obtain External Funding for Research?


1Conducting an extensive research based study on any particular subject or topic involves a lot of effort. While carrying out the study, the researcher is being encountered with several kinds of limitations and constraints, majority of which is the time constraint. However, budget constraint is also another aspect, which may appear time to time, depending on the nature of the study to be conducted by the researcher. Devoid of a funding source, it may sometimes not be possible to continue the study beyond a certain extent, or to ensure the expected quality. In order to continue a study in the smoothest possible manner, a researcher should strive to look for various funding opportunities from several research organizations and academic institutions across the world.

There are several ways, in which a researcher can get hold external funding from various sources, and in order to get those, a number of sequential steps have to be followed. Following are those steps:

  • First, the research agenda of the researcher has to be very clear, and based on the topic of the study, a detailed statement of purpose has to be written, in which the details of the study will be documented in brief.
  • Second, in various research organizations and academic institutions, faculty members and researchers are needed to be located, who share the same research interest as the researcher. The statement of purpose has to be sent to them, and the specific requirement of the funding has to be stated along with that. The researcher must ensure that the interest should not be single sided, as citing some benefits of the organization or institution may also turn things positive.
  • Institutional affiliations are needed to be mentioned along with those documents, so that originality of the need can be verified.

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