The acronym suggested here might well define the real meaning of an MBA course. It does not matter where the student is located, what is the length of the course, or what his subjects are; the one thing, which is constant in every MBA coursework, is the prominence of assignments.

MBA assignments are the tools, which the professors use, to measure the performance of students. The assignments done at this level are much more complicated than anything a student might have faced earlier at a graduation level. They require a proper research of the subject, to explore various issues related to it. The student will have to find references, present some literature about the topic, and provide a bibliography. Most importantly, all the work done, from writing the introduction to giving citations, has to be in the exact format as prescribed by the university.

There are many sources from where students can take help for completing the assignments. He must spend time at libraries, find the relevant books, and speak to people engaged in the field to gain an insight. However, whatever is finally out down in the assignment must be genuine. There should be no false facts or copied material. For the text that is taken from a reference, proper citation must be given. This is a vital point, because nowadays, professors do not just use their own judgement and knowledge to evaluate assignment; they also take the help of tools to check plagiarism. Any trace of piracy can spoil the academic career of a student.

The language used in the MBA assignments must be academic. It cannot be a casual language as used for day-to-day conversing. The matter must be free from grammatical errors, typographical errors, improper flow and lack of connectivity. Many students refer the assignments to professional editors to ensure that the language is proper, the format is as per the rules, and there are no silly mistakes.

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