Application of Eviews for economic analysis


Eviews is cost-effective software that aims at economic analysis, statistics. It is compatible with Windows and Mac .Eviews can be trusted, as far as, one’s instructional needs are concerned. Selection of software that assists in the economic analysis can be a tiresome process. The right step can ensure a learning experience, while, an ambiguous step means that people struggle every time. Individuals are often faced with results of an economic research.  Application of Eviews helps in economic analysis, for example, how the approximation of parameters and figures are calculated.

Combining the power and the user-friendly format of Eviews, anyone can work with time-series or longitudinal information. You successfully manage the data, conduct economic and statistical analysis. In addition to that, Forecasts and simulations, good-quality charts and tabular presentations can be easily arranged. There is a reason why Eviews has emerged as a leader in economic analysis software and is without a shadow of a doubt, the first choice for people looking for only the best.

All one needs is to move the cursor and click when it comes to entering a command. If one is in doubt about one’s programming abilities, Eviews comprises of a highly comprehensible command language to gain access to the numerous features

Eviews comprises of an ingenious target-oriented analysis tool, it combines the state-of-the-art software with the functions that one has always desired. The outcome is modern software that gives you an unimaginable advantage within a user-friendly interface. Designed as sharp and user-friendly software, Eviews lets you use a wide number of statistical techniques, without necessarily learning complex syntax. One need not even navigate through endless menus. An Individual finds that he is able to concentrate on the actual work, without having to give much thought to the intricacies of the software.

The economists analyse the database whose size is confined only by the memory of the computer. Eviews places a capacity restriction on the amount of information that can be exported or saved on the system. The purpose of doing so is to avoid putting tough limits on the size of database.

Furthermore, the features that accompany Eviews are as follows:

  • Correlation and factor analysis , plots and graphs, cross-tabulation
  • Autocorrelation analysis, panel root and cointegration tests.
  • Linear as well as nonlinear squares, regression and quantile regression
  • Models containing regressive moving average, moving approximate errors, Wald ratio tests.
  • Residual tests for normality, forecast and breakpoint tests, recursive approximation tests.
  • Advanced equation approximations, panel linear squares , user-specific optimum probability
  • System approximation consists of linear approximation, general least squares, complete information optimum likelihood and filtering and space approximation

Eviews’ sturdy database import features permit the user to work on existing database. Drag and place your current computer files onto Eviews and the document will be transformed into the Eviews document format.

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