Deciding about the Research Methodology suitable for you


Research methodology section accommodates readers with details of the reports that consists of the detailed process of research. In this section, readers can find the methods used to collect and analyse the data for research. This part of research plays a crucial role in making the audience understand the research in a technical way. It is the fact that the quality of the methodology decides the effectiveness of research paper. So, deciding suitable research methodology is crucial. More information on deciding about research methodology can be found on the website of any writing company that provide Dissertation Services.

It is important for the student to pick appropriate research methodologies; because the whole dissertation depends on the research. The research work will reflect the methodologies that are used in support of the work. The methodology of research paper mainly involves two factors that are qualitative and quantitative research. Both methodologies can be used together in one research paper.

Qualitative research

Qualitative research is mainly used to understand ideas, experiences, values and beliefs of an individual or a group of individuals. Example: Study on workers and management relationship, where worker can describe his experience as same as management. This can be achieved through interview or survey.

The interview is one of the best qualitative research methodologies to use. The researcher should make sure about the recording of the interview, where it can be writing notes or tape recording.

Quantitative research

Quantitative research methodology is used to measure variables and verify already existing study. Based on the collection of data and result of analysis of different variables, the researcher generates entirely new hypotheses in the quantitative research method.

A questionnaire is the logical way to gather information from people. One should be able to find an effective way to make people complete the questionnaire effectively.

Whether the researcher is using quantitative or qualitative research method, it entirely depends on the subject of research. One of the best ways to select the methodology is to study previous research paper related to the field of study. Studying an old research paper that is relevant to the subject will give a brief idea about the research methodology to be used. For example – the best method that suits the field of psychology study is qualitative or mixed research methodology. While, the best research methodology in the computer field is quantitative.

Another method to choose the research methodology is to list out the questions on the research paper. If questions are researched in an investigative and exploratory way, then the research method that suits best is qualitative or mixed. If the question is related to the selection of right or wrong, then the best method of research is quantitative methodology.

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