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A dissertation starts with the introduction chapter. It not just gives the reader an idea about the topic, the reason for its selection and the rationale behind undertaking the study, but also forms a preview to the discussion chapter, pointing out in advance the hole in the scientific landscape that the paper will try to fill.

The introduction begins by orienting the reader. It describes a part of the scientific puzzle that is complete; a region with well-organized landmarks and clearly defined contours. The introduction then leads the reader down a short, direct path toward an empty space, a gap in the puzzle, and directs the research to fill in the data there. As the research paper follows a circle, the introduction and conclusion have a close connection. The first section, in fact, sets the stage for the conclusion.

Begin with the known

Begin your introduction at a firm place in the scientific archives, i.e. start with a scientific statement that is widely accepted. Then, lead your reader step-by-step from the known to the unknown, the gap that you will fill. When choosing where to start, think about the target audience of research, and pick a point that is familiar for them. A Dissertation Writing Service can suggest you references, which you can use as an anchor for the study, and help to form the introduction. You will need to provide sufficient references in your introduction so that readers can go to the scientific literature and see for themselves the observations that currently surround the research gap you propose to fill.

Defining the gap

Specifically, the introduction must describe the gap in the current scientific knowledge that can be filled by your conclusion. By the time you start writing your introduction, as a part of your documentation process, you must already know your conclusion. Therefore, the gap your research will fill can be described simply by rephrasing the summary statements from your conclusion as questions.

Summarize the plan of action

The introduction must close by stating briefly how you plan to fill the research gap. Your plan of action comprises the recipes detailed in your methods section. Hence, the last few sentences of the introduction must summarize the main techniques that have yielded the data, on which you will base the conclusion. With assistance from Dissertation Service UK, you will be able to connect the methods section with the introduction in a seamless manner.

Lastly, do not forget to revise the introduction. It must be perfectly drafted as this section will welcome readers to your research and will give a glimpse of all the forthcoming chapters. For completing your introduction chapter quickly, see here.

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