Can Excel help you in analyzing data more appropriately?


MS-Excel can be considered as the widely used spreadsheet, as it is simple and user-friendly. Using Excel, one can do a variety of calculations. Excel spreadsheet consists of columns and rows that are arranged in the form of grid. Excel makes the calculations easy and simple. The calculations also include a lot of statistical functions and data analysis tools. To get more assistance on understanding the use of Excel for data analysis, one can opt for Dissertation statistics help. The experts at these firms help the students to learn using Excel for data analysis. If the researcher needs to analyse some statistical data, then he/she can use Excel easily to solve their purpose. Excel can be used to find some basis tasks related to data analysis. It may be reasonable to use some statistical package for the same job, but, one may sometimes get accurate results in Excel. Hence, we can say that Excel is not a suitable tool for analyzing data more accurately.

If we have a look at the issues that are seen, while analysing data in Excel, we will find the below factors –

  • In Excel, the missing data is handled in an incorrect and inconsistent way. As a result of which, one cannot get accurate results.
  • The data management varies with the analysis methods. If the user wants to perform multiple analyses, then Excel asks the user to re-arrange the data in a number of ways.
  • The results and findings are organised poorly. Most of the time they are labelled in an improper way.
  • Excel never keeps the records on how an analysis is achieved. This is one of the biggest drawback if Excel for analysing data.

By considering the above drawbacks, the researchers should opt for other statistical packages like – SPSS, SAS, and Minitab etc. This software is especially designed for statistical purpose and the researcher can get accurate results by using statistical software packages. Today, most of the Statistics consultation firms are using latest and advanced tools like – SPSS and SAS for data analysis, rather than Excel. One can use excel for data analysis, if and only if the database is very small and there are only a few rows and columns of data. One can analyse the data by suing pivot tables in Excel. Depending on the kind of work the researcher is looking for, he/se can learn more about excel.

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