How important does Plagiarism scan for your research paper?


One first thing researcher must follow in his research paper is not to copy and past the counet from other sources. Plagiarism is an illegal act and may lead to a serious punishment. Increase in usage of the internet in search of literature is one of reason for plagiarism. Plagiarism is very easy to detect, and most of the institutions scan research papers electronically to check plagiarism against millions of online resources. The institution does not consider a research paper with plagiarism issues and rejects it without any consideration. Plagiarism is an act of stealing others thoughts and ideas in own research paper without any credit to the original author. Researchers can avoid plagiarism by citing sources, quoting and paraphrasing in a perfect format. As all researchers know that protection of intellectual works is as per copyright act, so copying is offended. Best ethical practice is acknowledging the ideas and thoughts that were copied from other sources. The dissertation writing companies that provide numerous Dissertation Services help the researcher to write a paper without plagiarism.

Before submitting the research paper, the researcher can use an online plagiarism scanner to avoid plagiarism in their research paper. Plagiarism scanning is crucial for research paper because –

  • It is unethical that copying the ideas and work of other, is same as stealing the intellectual property of somebody else.
  • This act is unethical because credit goes to duplicate author who copied the content and not the original author.
  • Percentage of plagiarism is not important, but, detection of plagiarism is important, a small percentage of plagiarism is also considered as illegal task.
  • The researcher cannot recognize the plagiarism in their paper without using a scanner.
  • Literature available in the websites is of full plagiarism and the researcher cannot distinguish genuine paper available on the website.
  • The aim of the institutions is to gain the new knowledge or technology, so copying the research paper is not acceptable by any institution.
  • In some cases, plagiarism happens accidentally, which the researcher can avoid by being more conscious about own writing and research practices. More information on the importance of plagiarism check scan is available in Dissertation Services Company. Researchers need to be very careful while editing the paper and check plagiarism using online detection services. Most of the educational institutions check research paper using plagiarism software, so better not to take any chance on submitting a paper without checking plagiarism.
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