Quality research with Qualitative methodology


Research work can be broadly classified into qualitative and quantitative. The scope of research, the aim and hypothesis; all impact the methodology used. The tools and approaches a researcher adopts for both the methods vary. The optimum way would be to form the hypothesis and do the analysis using qualitative techniques, and verifying the results using quantitative methods.

Qualitative research is most appropriate for social sciences. The research question forms a deciding factor in this technique, as they impact the research design. The questions must be formed at an early stage, and with as much clarity as possible. They will, however, get refined and focused during the study. A series of decisions is taken during the process of research. At the data collection stage, case sampling is done, while interpretation of data involves sampling within the material. Presentational sampling is the last stage, which is implemented during the presentation of results.

The research design has to be prepared in qualitative research step by step. The scholar starts by finding a relevant problem and defining it. It has to be constructed, to show how it can be solved. The ethics being followed in the research is also defined. The method for funding the lengthy task has to be clearly stated. After the basic requirements are fulfilled, the scholar finds the sensitizing concepts, persons, events and situations.

Theoretical sampling is done for qualitative technique. The data are collected, arranged, and cleaned. The gaps in data must be found and filled before going ahead with the analysis. The theories are constructed through writing, thus creating evidences for the data collected. The analysis is done by using the appropriate coding. The researcher should identify the structure of the research design and reduce the complexities in the data.

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