Research proposals should describe how researchers intend to work with and analyze the material they gather. Describing this process ahead of time is especially difficult for those who are doing empirical research for the first time. It is difficult to project how they will work with material from interview participants if they have never done interviewing work before. It is important to pay attention to the words of the participant, using those words to report on the results as much as possible, and looking for both salient material within individual interviews and connections among interviews and participants. Get the expert help on Dissertation Proposal Writing.

The role that theory plays becomes an issue when researchers are actually trying to analyze and interpret the material they gather. Theory cannot and should not be imposed on the words but must emanate from them.

On the other hand it may be naïve for us to argue that researchers can be theory free. Everyone has theories. They are the explanations people develop to help them make connections among events. Theories are not the private preserve of scientists. Interviewers walk into interviews with theories about human behaviour, teaching and learning, the organization of schools, and the way societies work. Some of the theories are informed and supported by others, and some are idiosyncratic. Others arise from readings interviewers have done in and about the subject of their inquiry. Contact Dissertation Service UK.

Interviewers must be prepared for their work and be aware of the research on which they are building. Some researchers go further and argue that interviewers must be expert on their topics before they begin the interviews.

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