How to overcome writer’s block: 8 great tips for ESL students


Dissertation writing process at advanced levels is a challenging task one faces during the research journey. It is a daunting task for even native English speakers and one goes weak on knees just by the thought of dissertation writing. However, in particular, the hardship increases for the English as a second language (ESL) students. There is no iota doubt that writing in a second language is the toughest task. Some of the most common challenges faced by an ESL student while penning down a dissertation are: 

  • Lack of knowledge about rules of English language grammar
  • Plagiarism
  • Structuring and organising the content
  • Lexical difficulties

Often, the hardest part of a writing process is simply getting started. A writer might find the blank page intimidating and feel the same when trying hard to come up with concepts/ideas for writing a dissertation. The absolutism of the blank page is even more tyrannical especially for an ESL student. Every writer struggles with it. But before talking about the solutions to overcome this deficiency, let’s have a look at a few reasons that cause roadblock for a perfect dissertation. 

Although the reasons vary, the most common ones are fear, procrastination, timing, etc. 

Unblocking the writer’s block

It isn’t impossible for an ESL to overcome work paralysis. But the question is, how? As per the writers offering dissertation service, some of the hacks that must be followed to overcome the block include:

  1. Map the dissertation – Write some keywords or any ideas on the subject and then shuffle them. Next try to find connections between those keywords/ideas. Even though the thoughts or words seem unconnected at first glance, you might end up making connections that forms a good thesis statement. You can then get started with the writing by transcribing the content.
  2. Pen-down a big picture about your study – Write the question you are trying to answer in your research. Why and how is your research significant. However, it need not be perfect in the initial stage. Do not bother about the grammar or vocabulary. Just focus on the importance of your research. Remember, you always have room for improvisation. If you need any help in this take, talk to writers providing custom dissertation writing service.
  3. Review similar dissertations – You always get a better idea as to how to write your dissertation when you look into the similar works. You can find elements(such as significant of data, conclusions, etc.) which can fit in your dissertation as well. But ensure that you don’t pen down the same in your dissertation as it will lead to plagiarism. 
  4. Read and Re-read – Having a good collection of relevant literature sources such as research papers, journal articles, white papers, online material, etc. by your side while writing down your dissertation is a great idea. A careful look at the academic tone, style and verbose in well-reputed, published sources can help you improve your current writing. 
  5. Start afresh – This is the golden rule to avoid writer’s block. However simple it may seem, in reality, it is difficult given the nearing deadlines. The best way to make consistent progress is to start afresh by committing to follow a regular schedule.  
  6. Seek expert help – Writing is no doubt a one-man job, but consider taking help from experts offering custom dissertation writing services is never a bad decision. Using writing perfection of specialists to enhance your dissertation and make a significant contribution to the pool of knowledge is a wise choice. 
  7. Jot down ideas– Keep a notepad and note down the ideas that crosses your mind. This will help you get ideas out of the head and record them so that they can be addressed at the time of need. 
  8. Develop your writing from the inside out – Do not get overwhelmed by the data. A good way to start writing is by developing an outline of the entire dissertation as well as each section to be included in the dissertation. By writing few lines for each chapter, you can capture the essence of what you are trying to present/convey. If you need assistance in outlining your chapters, take aid from writing aces offering dissertation service UK. 

By following the above mentioned hacks, you will realise that writer’s block

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