How to Start a Research


In order to address to the predicaments being faced by the world in the broad areas of business and society, people strive to move into the world of academics and research. This is such a domain, where people try to look into several problems, which are being faced by the world at large, and by means of their knowledge and analytical skills, they try to resolve those issues. However, venturing into the world of research is never an easy task, and it takes a great amount of toil to start moving into this field.

Before starting off with a research based study, one should carry out more than a few checks and validations regarding feasibility of the study to be carried out. First, identification of the problem and defining the same should be concrete in nature. In order to ensure that, researchers across the world believe in a particular thing, “can you define your research in a single sentence?” This determines the clarity of the research objective in the mind of a researcher. Second, it should be ensured that the chosen research objective is worthy enough to be achieved. If someone has already carried out significant amount of work on that topic, then carrying out that work another time will not provide with any significant contribution. Third, before starting off the work, it should be ensured that the work should have sufficient theoretical foundation, so that the basis of the study can be justified before the community of researchers. Fourth, data plays the most important for a study, and therefore, it should be ensured that sufficient data is available for carrying out the research work, as it is not possible to find alternate sources of data after starting off with the work. These are some points to b remembered before starting off a research based study.

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