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Writing a dissertation paper is a huge and hard task to carry out for it is a process that tests both the researcher’s capability of understanding and dealing the subject, and to do enough information gathering to address to that subject and the problems regarding it which the research itself is trying to address. While writing a dissertation paper, there are certain formats that a researcher must follow. Although, they vary from country to country and university to university, in all those formats the importance of research method and data analysis chapter play a vital role. Therefore, while writing a dissertation paper a student needs to have a very good understanding of what research method and data analysis mean, their purpose, and how they help in forming a full length thesis.

While writing the methodology part, a student should rather divide it into some basic steps. Doing that not only make it easier to approach this chapter of huge length, but also make the whole process more comprehensible, and clear. In the first part of methodology, one is supposed to state the basic research problems, that is, a list of the problems in that particular field of knowledge that the researcher think his/her research will address as well as the difficulties that he/she considers facing in the process of addressing them. In order to do so, it is advisable, to provide a general overview of the researches made on that particular subject, and/or of those researches that addressed any of these primary research questions. One must understand that the purpose of the methodology chapter is to clearly showcase the methods that are going to be used in the research. Hence, instead of discussing the problems further, in the subsequent chapters one must provide some basic clarification regarding the utilization of those methods.

Again, it might be necessary to clarify and explain some commonly accepted research methods while writing what methods the researcher is going to use. For example, it is quite a commonly used technique in research papers to discuss with the particular groups of society separately to address the influence a worldwide phenomenon. But, still it is advisable to provide a brief on how this technique is used. Furthermore, if you define some important issues/happenings/information/variables that play a key role in determining the argument of the research, make it sure to particularly mention them, and provide proper explanation on why they do so.

While the methodology chapter concentrates on discussing the methods that are going to be utilized and why, the data analysis section throws light upon how the researcher is going to gather data pertaining to the subject as well as in which way the gathered data will help him/her to address the problems. Remember, it is of vital importance to collect non-apocryphal data. Thus, be very wary while gathering the necessary information, and give a proper explanation of why and how you have accumulated them. For example, if one uses an interview during the research, it is mandatory to explain where, how, and by whom that interview was taken, and in which way it will prove useful to determine the logical process of the argument of the research.

It is, no doubt, true that writing research method and data analysis is a very tiresome and time- consuming task. But, these two sections serve as the pedestals of the logical progression as well as the authenticity of the whole project. Hence, it is vital to a simple, precise and lucid language, that will not only help to make things more comprehensible to the readers, but also compel them go to through the dry piles of data by evoking an intellectual attraction.

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