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Statistics is a derivative of mathematics which has various applications. In the context of research, probably no good research is said to be complete without using statistical tools, techniques and models. The array of uses of statistical tools and techniques is simply huge. Modern research in almost any area across the subjects involves the use of statistics. Statistics, as a subject, is required in a research in order to collect, arrange, analyse and interpret data. In keeping with these diverse applications of the subject and the wide use of the same, we have included statistics for PhD thesis as an integral part of the study. You should opt for Dissertation Statistics Help when in need.

Even if we look at it from the organizational or managerial context, statistical models and tools aid augment and smoothen the entire process of research to the extent of yielding much more accurate as well as reliable results which in turn facilitates decision making that can be relied on. That is why researchers from all countries are resorting to various statistical models to better understand and investigate the information. Stastistics, in the broad sense of the term, is classified into two categories, namely, descriptive and inferential statistics. This apart, even qualitative data can be evaluated with the help of statistical techniques. These days, the introduction of computers has eased up the process even further as various softwares are available to serve the purpose.

Our writers and editors are well conversant in major statistical tools and techniques. Our proficiency in statistics include the use of various softwares like SPSS, SAS etc and this has been found to be immensely helpful for students. Nowadays most Universities also stress on the use of statistics for research since statistics is based on mathematical calculations and therefore subjective claims can be done away with. Thus the credibility and validity of the claims made in the study increases manifold. In most cases, theses are not accepted without the use of statistical methodology and guides insist on the use of both statistics and computer aided statistics. Since these aspects are very prominent in the research scenario of the universities across the world, the help rendered by us and our team of expert writers include these services and have statisticians and professionals on board.

PhD theses of major subjects demand not only original research work but proofs to validate the claims made in the theses. In order to do that, the best way that researchers resort to is by including mathematical and statistical portions in the study. Since statistics includes collection, presentation, analysis of data, the data collected for the purpose of the study is investigated through the statistical techniques. The collection of data is generally done through any of the statistical techniques like surveys, forms or even complete enumeration in some cases. Even the number of respondents to be selected or the size of the sample is decided through statistical tests. Then the data so collected is presented in such a format that the investigation and evaluation becomes easier and objective. The analysis of the data is obviously done with the help of various statistical techniques depending on what is to be found or analysed. If the claim is predetermined, then the researcher takes the help of Hypothesis Testing whereas if the researcher is dealing with nominal numbers, he may adopt Chi Square test. For other purposes like studies in Social Sciences or management, there are many other tests available. For example, if a researcher intends to find out the most important factors that influence or affect some process, he applies Factor Analysis. On the other hand, if he/she wants to understand the relative positions of something that varies from brand to brand in the minds of customers, he/she applies Perceptual Mapping. There are scores of other tests available for the researcher. These tests can be performed with the help of computers on the software namely SPSS, SAS etc. This has made the work even easier. But one needs to know how to operate these softwares and unfortunately not all researchers are proficient in these software. In order to assist and help such researchers who are otherwise sound in every aspect other that dealing with statistical software, our services are extended to bridge the gap. Many a statistical calculation is very cumbersome and some are so big that it is hardly possible to calculate manually or realize it on paper. So whether a researcher wants it or not, statistical software have almost become mandatory for the purpose of research in many subjects. We have an exclusive team which looks into these problems faced by students and perform the statistical part for the students. Quite a few options are available in this case ranging from executing the entire process to doing only the calculation and analysis or the part to be done with the help of software or even only the interpretation once the data has been analysed.

The last stage of research pertaining to statistics is the interpretation of the analysis and the finalization of the steps to be undertaken depending on the findings. For researchers, who are not adept in statistics, we perform the whole portion of the research. For students who are not well conversant with software, we perform the research on the software. Many more variants are available and the perfect variant of our services pertaining to statistical help is given to the researcher.

Our services involve a wide array of activities which range from assistance and solely performing analysis of the data collected by the researcher or students. We also advise on the appropriate statistical tools to be used for a given context so that the students do not apply inappropriate techniques while performing the research. This is very important from the point of view of the research and may lead the researcher to erroneous conclusions. Many of our writers have degree in statistics and have years of exposure to handling these  statistical models and quantitative research. This experience is indeed very necessary since the subject is esoteric at times and baffles many an exceptionally good researcher.

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