Writing a Dissertation Proposal: Bookmark these points


Pulling together your research proposal: Key points

1.Introduction (what, why)

2.Overview of literature (how)

–context/secondary data sources


3.Research questions – (how)

4.Research design

5.Expected outcome


Possible outcomes

Maybe your project contributes to ‘new knowledge’ on a number of different levels such as:

•Theoretically (i.e. organisational understanding of problem/issues/management/process);

•Methodologically (see above comments about how you are approaching and making assumptions about the research topic);

•Practically (i.e. having implications for the practice of management/small business owners etc.).

Critical Points (Dissertation Proposal Writing)

•State clearly aim and objective(s) and questions – 1 sheet of A4

•State scope and match this to time plan – ambitious or not (2 not clear enough, 1 attempts to get scope right)

•Litrev written to unpack the topic by defining and relating, objectively (1 better than 2)

•Methodology is clear enough to show how do-able it is and states approach (deductive, primary and secondary mix).  Attempts risks/limitations and contingencies if…. (1 much better than 2 in this respect)

•Generally this points to a joined up proposal, not reading as if each section is written to be stand alone (this is what defines a really good one from average)

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