Writing a Dissertation Proposal


For the research scholars pursuing Master’s degree from UK, one of the most important criteria that would decide their success is the dissertation. The first step while starting with a dissertation is to prepare a dissertation proposal.

The proposal is an abstract form of the entire dissertation and gives an idea of what the actual dissertation would contain. There are several parts of a dissertation proposal. The first step is to decide the topic for dissertation. The topic should be such that is focussed, and gives the scope for a detailed research. The next part of the proposal is an introduction. It includes the objective of the dissertation. It gives a general summary of the works you are going to cover.

The problem statement must be written after this. Here the purpose of doing the research and the applicability of the results are mentioned. The hypothesis must be stated for qualitative or quantitative research. It is the point which the researcher sets out to prove. In order to support the hypothesis, a research methodology must be designed. The methodology must identify ways to collect the data, the respondents to be interviewed by researcher, the modules of testing to be used and how the data will be interpreted. The validity and reliability of the data and its inference must be checked.

The last part of the dissertation proposal must include the assumptions made and the possible limitations of the research. For preparation of a fool proof dissertation, one that passes all the tests of the dissertation committee, the scholars must hire the assistance of experts who know the subject thoroughly. Dissertation India provides specialised dissertation services for UK universities. For more information, visit http://www.dissertationserviceuk.com.

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